Feelings of anxiety around money are likely something we have all dealt (or are currently dealing) with at some point in our lives. In many instances, you may not even realize the stress it’s causing you unless you take the time to acknowledge it. Whether it’s feeling uncertain about being able to pay rent or being worried about your long-term retirement plan, financial anxiety can cause significant distress in our lives. 

First things first, remember that these feelings are completely normal, and that you’re certainly not alone! Then, it’s important to understand that your financial situation and feelings around money can be dealt with and most importantly, improved. 

In an effort to help Minters and others live better financial lives, we are partnering with Sharecare, a personalized health and wellness engagement platform, to better acknowledge the stress many of us feel surrounding money. Together, let’s better understand how stress may be the source of unhelpful financial habits, and finally, learn ways to manage it. Join us through this seven-lesson course aimed at helping you live your best stress-free life. 

Download the course today.

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