We all have reasons to save — whether it’s to work up to a big purchase, pay off our debts, or just to have a little extra buffer. 

It’s something we have to work at little by little, and there are a million different ways we can put away a few more dollars from every paycheck. Studies also show that implementing daily reminders have the potential to significantly boost the chances of you reaching your goals. 

What better way to get your daily reminder than from your phone lock screen? Here are some motivational wallpapers that can help you stay on track towards your savings goals. You can download them here.

If you have a hard time saying no to any and all dinner invites:

If you’ve got a trip on the horizon, but can’t see past next week:

If you’re the type that struggles to save because you spend the majority of your paycheck in the first week:

If you have some things you’re trying to save up for, but can never say no to a good sale: 

If you’re a sucker for late-night food deliveries: 

And finally, if you’re just having a hard time getting started on a big savings goal: 

Whatever it is you’re saving for, we can all benefit from a daily reminder to give us that boost of motivation to get there! We know achieving your goals doesn’t happen overnight and takes consistent, hard work one day at a time. 

Let us know your best advice on how to stay motivated to reach those savings goals!

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