52-Week Money Challenge Explained

The 52-week money challenge can help you save $1,378 in a year by depositing an increasing amount of money into your bank account every week. Keep track of the challenge by downloading our printable.

When it comes to the new year, many people want to start embracing change and developing new habits. In fact, 27 percent of adults in the U.S. made at least one resolution for 2020, and 44 percent of those people had “saving more money” as one of them.

One way to fulfill a New Year’s resolution is to set achievable goals for yourself and keep track of your progress. There are plenty of challenges to pick from if you want to save money during the new year. If you’re up for a challenge that doesn’t require a lot of money and effort each month but still saves you $1,378 at the end of the year, the 52-week money challenge might be just right for you.

What Is the 52-Week Money Challenge?

A graphic explains how the 52-week money challenge works in four simple steps.


The 52-week money challenge is a savings challenge in which you deposit an increasing amount of money every week for 52 weeks. At the end of the 52 weeks, you should have at least $1,378 saved up in your bank account. This is a flexible challenge that can be done in a couple of different ways and even allows you to save more if you decide to deposit a larger amount each week.

Most commonly, the dollar amount you save every week corresponds to the week of your challenge. For instance, you set aside $1 during week one, $5 during week five, $39 during week 39, and so forth.

When Is the Best Time to Start the 52-Week Money Challenge?

The great thing about the 52-week savings challenge is that you can essentially start it at any week you’d like. But if you want it to be part of your New Year’s resolution, starting it during the first week of the year will guarantee you at least $1,378 by the last week of the year — if you follow it properly.

How Does the 52-Week Money Challenge Work?

For this challenge, the amount you should deposit is usually the same as the number of the week in the challenge. Here’s how the savings challenge works:

  • Starting on week one, deposit $1 to a savings account
  • On week two, you should deposit $2
  • On week three, deposit $3
  • On week four, deposit $4, and so on
  • Deposit until week 52, when you will deposit $52

Easy, right? Depositing an increasing amount of money each week makes it an attainable goal to achieve $1,378 at the end of the last week. Each time you make a deposit, write down your current total savings to keep you on track and motivated.

Here is a money-saving chart to help you understand how much money you should be depositing each week during the 52-week money challenge:


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